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Cat's Corner of Crazy Antics II
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Well, here's where I get to write all my random stuff, including a 'muse column' for the voices in my head, random rants and crazy pictures. Have fun.

Muses Column:
Well first I probably should introduce you to my three muses, Aria, Arien and Diedra. Aria and Arien are twins and complete opposites in personality. Arien is quiet, composed, sarcastic and thoughtful while Aria is cheerful, loud, dense and lazy. Diedra has a strange sense of humor and a really bad memory, but she loves snow.
Diedra: Of course I do! What's not to like?
Arien: The fact that it's freezing.
Aria: Huh? What's going on?
Arien: We finally got a place to rant.
Aria: Oh, cool!
Diedra: Hi everyone!!
Cat: Uh, guys? I need to get on with the rest of the page.
Arien: fine, fine.

Ok, Here's also where I'll put my random rants. Be warned, I love to rant and the muses love to help me. I will also warn you right now. The muses aren't the only voices in my head... there are others too.

Lia: Got that right!
Cat: Lia's one of my original fanfic characters. She's from an Esca fic I did. Usually she sits around with her boyfriend Jeris on the couch and watches movies and such.
Arien S: That's cause she's a bum.
Cat: Arien, what did I tell you about pissing her off?
Arien S: That you wouldn't stop her from killing me?
Cat: Exactly. Ahem... Arien Silverwing is not the muse Arien, she's another fanfic character. This one is from a CCS fanfic of mine. She's the guardian of the North Star.
Astra: She's not the only one...
Cat: Astra actually is a SM character from a RPG I'm in. She techincally is Arien S's alter ego so she has the same name.
Rory: Are we having a party or something?
Cat: Get back in the psyco ward right now! Rory has a psyco alter ego that he can't control. *Grabs Rory by the collar and hall's him back into the psyco ward*
Erick: Hey! You're interupting us!
Cat: Then shut the door. *door slams* That was Erick, a psyco, sadistic eleven year old magician with an obession with torture... Well, you'll meet the rest later. Ja ne!
Everyone: See ya!
Yet a few months later:
Rhodry: *looks around* where is everybody?
Cat: summer vacation...
Rhodry: Oh...
*Lia runs in followed by a raging Arien S.*
Lia: Help!  She's trying to kill me!
Kendra: *looks up from the couch where she is polishing her gun* Not my problem...
Arien S.: Get back here!  You are so DEAD Lia!
Cat: *raises eyebrow* what happened this time?
Lia: *stops in front of Cat's face and holds her by the collar* She's trying to kill me!  Can't you stop her!
Arien S: That is the last time you beat me in a tennis match! *feels something cold press against her head and stops*
Kendra: *has gun pointed at Arien's head* Shut up.  You're giving me a headache.
Arien S: *edges away* I'll get you next time Lia!
Lia: *sighs* thank GOD!  I thought I was dead for sure that time...
Cat: Kendra, put the gun away... NOW!
Kendra: *shruggs, sits back down and continues to polish her gun*
Cat: *sighs* Lia, lay off the tennis matches for now.  I need some asprin...
Cat: so... what are you guys planing for halloween?
Aelani: *snickers* You'll see...
Cat: and what was with that zombie movie yesturday?
Erick: Well, we decided we needed to get into the spirit a little bit so we dragged out Regent's collection of old horror movies.  I think Dracula is playing now.
Cat: *sighes* So that's where Regent gets his ideas.  So where's your twin, Akarui?
Erick: *snickers* HIM?  Oh, I don't know... off with his GIRLFRIEND!
Akarui: I am not!
Cat: Akarui and Erick are almost iddentical twins, Erick being the elder.  Akarui has a chrush on someone and Erick won't leave him alone about it.
Erick: Got that right.
Cat: So is anyone going to tell me what's going on for halloween?
Lia: we're turning the mansion into a haunted house and having a costume party.
Aelani: You gave it away!
Lia: *shruggs* oh, well...

Well, here's my little picture shrine to some of my random, favorite anime characters. I included short descriptions of the characters for anyone who want's to know.


Well, since this is a place for me to list off some of my favorite characters, how about I start with Duo. Duo Maxwell is Gundam Wing's comical, loud and easy going American. He brings a comic relef to a show that would other wise be pretty depressing.


I guess I can't get away with not putting the first anime guy I ever thought was hot on here. Van is the stern but kindly king of Fanelia in Escaflowne. I will admit right now... my favorite part is the wings. I'm a sucker for wings.


Touya Kinomoto is the over protective, somewhat abnoxious but damn hot older brother from Card Captor Sakura. He's such a clamp guy... and he's only really obnoxious in Sakura's opinion...


Remember how I said I was a sucker for wings? Well, here's another example. Yue is also from CCS. He's the calm, somewhat cold seeming, inwardly kind judgement maker of the Clow Cards.


This is Ran, or Lan if you want, from Clover. Main reason I like him, well look at him. He's hot! Though every once in a while he decides to look way to much like Touya and scares me.


Captian Sagara Sozo was Sanoske's regiment leader in Rorouni Kenshin. Even though he's dead when the series actually takes place, he is still, in my opinion, one of the hotest guys in show. Yes I love Kenshin too, but Juri-chan already put in a claim for him so...


The 'Boshi' twins, Amiboshi and Suboshi, are my two favorite male characters from Fushigi Yugi. Both are hot, one is slightly insane, both are sweet hearts when they want to be, both have freakily cool powers. What more could you want?


Kujaku is probably one of my favorite characters from RG Veda plus... look!  He's got wings!  And they're black!  Not to mention he has an amusing sense of humor.


Meet Miki from Revolutionary Girl Utena.  Isn't he a cutey??  Sorry, I just find him amazingly adorable, plus I think his stopwatch obssesion is hilarious.


Yet another of my favorite characters from Utena, Satan himself... I mean... Akio himself.  This guy is evil, plain and simple, but maybe that's why I like him.  Now if I could just get ahold of his car...


And then there was Eagle. He's hot, he's cool and I had a thirty minute spaz after he died in the anime. I still refuse to go by that ending due to the fact that Eagle was killed. There for, I prefer the manga ending. Yes I know I'm slightly obsessed.


Merle is one of my favorite female characters from Escaflowne. She's the mischivous little cat girl who provides most of the comic relef. Dilandau pretty much does the rest.


Hitomi Kanzaki is probably my favorite lead female character. She's smart, athletic and gets really crazy visions. Not to mention she has a thing for a certian winged king guy...


Kaoru is another one of my favorite lead females. She's spirited, smart and very funny. She also, like me, can't cook worth beans. She's one of my favorite characters from Rorouni Kenshin.

Well, there's my little gallery of many of my favorite anime characters. There are more, many more, including Dilandau. But Dilly-chan already has a shrine on this page so I'll leave it at that. Hope you all enjoyed!